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- The well cure plant


- The Down the Hole Camera is a full colour infrared underwater camera.

- The camera has 21 Infared LED's for clear and crisp viewing of a Borehole. Lenses built into the front of the camera gives a wide 78 degree view , enabling perfect viewing of the borehole. The almost human eye performance of the camera is achieved by the minute illumination which is equal to 0.0001 lux with LED and 0.5 lux without LED, This means that the picture will be clear under the darkest conditions.Ths camera is able to reach any depth and the only limitation will be the length of the cable. The camera is made of a brass housing to avoid erosion against salty water and air for long periods of time. The strong coating on the casing insures protection against rugged surfaces. The cable is non-stretchable to withstand the heavy under water pressure. The camera is fully transportabable running off a 12 volt 250mA supply (car battery). The camera comes standard with a picture perfect 12V monitor with excellent viewing quality.

- Camera Uses: Viewing of Boreholes or Wells, Inspection of Boreholes for obstructions, Use as a fishing tool for drilling equipment, pumps or any other equipment lost down a hole, Archeological inspection of cavities, wells, cracks and rock formation, Night vision Security Camera, Can be used in rescue situations when animals or children have fallen down wells or manholes.

- Key Features

  • 1/3" Super sensitive color CCD sensor (sharp)

  • IR Sensitive BW switching at night and true colour by day

  • Highly defined 380 TVL Horizontal Resolution

  • Remarkably clear picture quality

  • Remarkably low lux performance

  • No heat

  • Automatic LED on/off





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